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More Guns

Similar to the last Star Wars Battlefront, we could certainly use more guns. These could take inspiration from the comics, movies, TV shows, or they could even be entirely origional. These amazing weapons could have modifications like the ones we have now, or bare bones. My favorite weapon from the last game was the DLX19X and to see that in this brand new star wars game would be insane. Maybe even the Bo Rifle Staff weapon for an Assult or officer class? But for certain an EE4 with the modification of a longer barrel for increased accuracy is needed.


  • Get rid of the shock blaster star card and recompile it as a selectable gun. And change the scheme to primary and secondary weapons, so a heavy blaster and a blaster pistol is carryable. And use the unused button for some things (triangle button on PS4). It could be for a larger map that displays a variety of information. It could also be for alternative abilities that items and star cards have. All the content that could go into this game could become the basis for a new game.
  • 4 more base class weapons would improve the game allot.
  • EA/DICE doesn't listen to the fans.

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