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Intensity of bots big battle and bots being able to use vehicles

Hi everyone,

So here's the thing I am so much happy that the game finally have bots for big battles this game mode it's just awesome for me especially because I have a motor disability that prevents me for aiming correctly and have some reflexes that's why I need the auto-aim however, the game mode is cool as it is now and maybe I am asking a lot even too much but I find that these battles are pretty calm and I've tought about a setting that would be cool to include in the future. It would be nice to have a setting that allows you to set the intensity of the battle just like some of the game mode that is available in arcade mode.

For example, if the intensity is set on weak the bots will not use any vehicles or any explosives and they will just attack if they see an enemy near a comand post.

if it is set on medium, they will start to be a little more aggressive they will use ground vehicle grenades and they will be looking for contact.

Finally, if it's set on high it will be more chaotic with massive explosions ground vehicles space ships in the sky and shooting all over the map with the infantry just like in some multiplayer big battle.

Like a said the game mode is good as it is but it would be even more fun I think if a setting like that was included in future updates

thank you for taking the time to read this post and good game may the force be with you :) ;)

PS: sorry for my terrible English I usually speak french :)

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