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November Community Calendar

Campaign Co-Op

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edited October 20
This would be great becuase if youre playing campaign grinding to get all the rewards and your friend invites you to a party or discord or whatever it may be, you can't play with him you can only talk to him until you switch to multiplayer. I think a Co-Op for campaign missions would be necessary. There could be a new set of achievements maybe for different weapons Iden Versio could use on online multiplayer and maybe other upgrades for her on online multiplayer becuase lets face facts, she is literally the worst villain in the game. Her weapon overheats too fast, her driod shield is worthless against jedi, she has some of the lowest health, her driod shock is useless, and she needs some buffs. These challenges could even just be for extra XP or credits, maybe crystals. Now I don't expect a complete reboot of campaign mode but with friends. This Co-Op mode could be the same story, but you could play a different part from Palpatines Royal Guards, Grevious's Guards, an admiral, even a rebel leader from the books! To another character in Iden's adventure such as agent Hask. This would play out the same way as the current campaign missions but the XP earned would be shared and the harder the mission, the more XP earned and this XP would be multiplied by how many people are playing. Maybe these missions could be based on the levels from the Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga video game in the way that you go through the events of the original trilogy all the way up to where we are now with The Rise Of Skywalker? I think that would be pretty cool and I'm sure others can agree. These missions could be played by one other person required but can be played to up to 8 people. I am NOT saying split screen that is what Arcade is for don't be ridiculous. These missions similar to the Lego games could have a variety of different characters to change in to and it would be SUPER cool if tou could free roam like in the Arkham Knight series where some areas are locked off and there are areas with characters from the books and TV shows and such. Then when players complete these they have the chance to use them in campaign mode on a free play type style. Now I love Lego games and I think you've noticed but I wanna hear your thoughts about this 8 player movie hop realistic version of a lego star wars game type adventure .
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