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Please, sell it to everyone

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If this is what give your bigger income, please make it officially available to everyone so we keep playing online:

[video removed]
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  • hosco33
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    This is the only reason this is not the game of the decade, perhaps this century so far, this happens very often:

    [video removed]
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  • jonci
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    Played in game against them and yes they are hacking, (just getting my comment in before this post gets closed by moderators).
  • llll_wAx_llll
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    That is so pathetic. Choices are to play on PC and deal with the hackers or play on console and deal with brain dead 5yr olds on your team, either way it’s not fun. Unfortunately nothing will be done about cheaters and hackers, it’s easier and cheaper to pretend it isn’t happening. This thread will probably be closed due to naming and shaming but there needs to be a place to name and shame these people so the community can avoid games with these loser “gamers” and let them cheat with each other
  • Yesterday it was awesome, balanced teams, no one with suspicious kills, my issue are especially on weekends. I play on consoles by the way, and don't tell me there are no hacks on consoles because not only moded controllers, but also aim bots are obviously used by some players.

    But as I said, when no garbage pseudo-players are around Blast is awesome!
  • IIPrest0nII
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    Thread closed due to naming and shaming.
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