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Tusken Raider Reinforcement

It doesn't make sense for wookiee warriors to be on tatooine. We could have Tusken Raiders replace Wookiee Warriors on tatooine instead. There could also be jawas but this is not about them.
The Tusken Raiders would work best as a sniper reinforcement. Their primary weapon would be the cycler rifle, which is a slugthrower. Since it's a slugthrower, the cycler rifle would be able to shoot through shields like a squad shield and combat shield, but the damage would be reduced. This gun will be a very powerful sniper rifle. The gun can also be "charged" up for a more powerful shot.

Battle Cry - this would grant the user 120 bonus hp while highlighting enemy heads for easier headshots. The animation would be a tusken battle cry.

Overload - this makes the weapon fire faster, but not as fast as your normal overload ability and there is no damage decrease when this ability is active.

Gaderffi Strikes - 3 chain swift strikes with the gaderffi stick, and performing a powerful knockdown on the third and final swing (this is just a vibrosword reskin).

I feel like there should be an ability that would work well with the sniping aspect of this reinforcement, but I can't think of one right now

A cycler rifle (below)

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