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November Community Calendar

Curious about map sizes

I saw a video on social media recently that detailed the sizes of various maps in popular video games over the last 10-15 years and it got me thinking about BF2. The video showed what was essentially an aerial outline of the map and gave its measurements in square kilometers, and it was really interesting to see the various layouts and sizes while thinking about how the gameplay is influenced by those factors. I'm curious about what BF2's maps would look like if they were subjected to an aerial layout of the playable area and if that area was measured out in square kilometers or miles depending on where you're from. It may be a bit trivial, but after watching that video, it genuinely intrigues me.



  • And to be clear, I'm more interested in the sizes of GA and CS maps, but GA more so because those maps have a lot of variation but seeing topographical details of GA and CS maps would be pretty awesome too just to show the various levels of elevation.
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