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November Community Calendar

New cosmetic ideas from the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars show

Just a simple idea that crossed my mind, adding a bunch of skins from the OG 2003 Clone Wars series and maybe even a few heroes like Durge and Captain Fordo... But that's a topic for another day, right now the things that would be really cool as new skins are theese two pictures:



I know the armored Obi-Wan skin idea has already been requested but I really think this should be added and same goes for theese Clones and it would be a pretty cheap skin as well since it's just a Phase 1 clone with a cloak...

Off topic but while writing this I realized how bad I want Mygeeto and the Galactic Marines to come to Battlefront 2 but it looks like were not getting Clone Wars content for a bit... I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this instead of whatever Rise of the Skywalker will bring...

Anyway I just wanted to see what people think of this as I just think it would be really cool as a throwback to that show.


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