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How to Improve Galactic Assault and the other modes

Why does everybody play Capital Supremacy and CO-OP? Besides the fact that they are so much fun to play, they also reward a huge amount of score after each match. Since people have definitely been abandoning the other modes, I feel that it would be right to increase the score earned after each match of Galactic Assault and the other modes so that it can equal the score given after Capital Supremacy and CO-OP matches. That should cause players to be more willing to play the other modes again.


  • vonVile
    394 posts Member
    edited October 21
    GA is completely broken:
    • Too main Heroes (up to 4).
    • Heroes are too cheap at 4000 BP.
    • Heroes from any era can be is matches.
    • Vehicles are too cheap with them being under 1000 BP. It should be 1000 BP to just get a Speederbike, not 200 .
    • Speederbike vehicles have way too high HP at 600. Should be 350.
    • All weapon stats are unbalanced. Officer's pea shooters can easily outclass any Heavy weapon. Total garbage!
    • Only Han's Detonator can do knock back.
    • PT Republic side has all the defensive buffs (Finn, Yoda, Clone Commando) and Separatist doesn't have anything, but Officer.
  • There needs to be a game mode with no scoring, and no battle points. And no time-based, fill up the meter objectives.
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