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November Community Calendar

Melee Reinforcement Concept: Guard Class

there are guards that use melee weapons for about every faction in star wars and it would be pretty cool if those were in battlefront 2
the guard class would be the reinforcement that uses a melee weapon as their primary weapon. Since they are melee they could all have a battle focus ability.
For each faction in battlefront 2:
Galactic Republic: Senate Guard (Force Pike)
Separatists: Magna Guard (Electro Staff)
Galactic Empire: Emperor's Royal Guard (Force Pike)
Rebel Alliance: Rebel Honor Guard (Electropole)
First Order: Elite Praetorian Guard (Multiple, but we'll get to that later)
Resistance: uhhhh Resistance Honor Guard? idk

heres some concepts for a few of the faction's reinforcement

Magna Guard (CIS)
Primary Weapon: Electro Staff
First Ability: Shock Jab. The user jabs the target and this will electricute them while stunning them for 2 seconds.
Second Ability: Staff Spin. The user spins their staff to deflect blaster fire and damages players who are too close to them.
Third Ability: Either Battle Focus or Shock Blast. Shock Blast works like the repulsor blast, except it has a 360 degree range.
Their skins would be Uncloaked, and Gold (yellow eyes).


  • Resistance: General's Bodyguard
    Weapon: Scavenged First Order Force Baton

    I just really want that badass baton from TLJ in the game, and since they never added it to any First Order classes...

    Also, all guards should be able to duel saber users at the same relative ability, even if their damage values are different, and dodge/block Force powers like a saber hero.
  • Oh yeah I forgot about that baton lol
  • I agree with this notion so freaking hard!

    I was wondering why only in the single-player there were melee stormtroopers, thus giving the idea that there was such a melee weapon in the multiplayer
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