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Battlefront really needs AI bots update

It feels like a big waste of money for a game we can’t really seem to play anymore. Since there really isn’t a suggestion section here for this game, I’m just leaving this here-
It’s really hard to find a match in any mode anymore, and the expansion worlds seem pretty much abandoned by now.
I HIGHLY suggest this game gets at least ONE more update to keep going, and that’s preferably AI bots in multiplayer matches. There’s bots in Fighter Squadron, the offline Skirmish mode, and Battlefront II seems to have good bots in Capital Supremacy, so why not have bots in the old Battlefront so if someone ends up in a game, they can still play even without many if any other people? It’s frustrating when I try to do challenges but can’t find a game with anyone in them, and once the game goes dead collecting all the trophies is pretty much out of the question.
What makes it worse is that we bought two copies of the game and two passes so multiple people in the same house can play together, but we’re very disappointed with how empty this game is becoming. We feel ripped off.
Some kind of AI bot system would be excellent so anyone who wants to keep playing this game CAN.


  • yes, this game deserves another update. all I advocate for is the dlc maps of starfighter assault and walker assault to be put offline. some matches are very difficult to find and the starfighter maps already have bots in them when doing a dlc private match, so why arent they offline. updating the bots would be awesome too. doubt they will but they should especially since its dying and once the servers get shut down most of the content will be lost.
  • I also want to be able to play v my DLCs offline.
  • i think Dice has full out ABANDONED BF2015 which is heartbreaking :( but yes i'd love to see AI's added to ALL game modes!
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