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[Edit 10:36PM] Crashes/Data Saving Issues happening on ALL platforms!

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edited October 25
[New Edit]: The issue is now being worked on for console users.

[EDIT]: This is now a serious issue for many other players on all platforms. It's only gotten worse, Players (like myself) are now having data saving issues. Although when you do get the data saving issue pop up, Overwriting the data IS SAFE, but do be careful. This issue really needs to be fixed, it gets worse and starts crashing every 10-20 mins. Maybe less. Please fix this, for all of us!

I've been experiencing crashes on my PS4 Pro when playing Online, It recently started with today's update 1.41

It usually happens when a match is over. Or when u have to quit from the match. If anyone else is experiencing this, Let me know down below.


It's slowly getting annoying.
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  • Update is trash where tf is the regression testing games ain’t filling up ***** crashing
  • @zeeb0 No need for any type of rude commenting. but I understand how frustrating this can be. This is the only issue i have for this update, the crashing. I overall love the patch update.
  • Way worse then just a crash - the game is now unplayable - => huge graphical issue - cannot spawn on default - must spawn on team mate only - crashes before game is over - the above was with patch 1.4.1 Capitol Supremacy - Naboo
  • Yes keep getting kicked out on XBOX ONE also. No error code....just instantly out of game to Home Screen. Definite update bug!!
  • Tigzee wrote: »
    Yes keep getting kicked out on XBOX ONE also. No error code....just instantly out of game to Home Screen. Definite update bug!!

    P.S. .... it happens during the round in all modes....
  • Only time it’s happened to me is when loading up a new map. PS4 here.
  • Crashing every 20-30 min on xbox
  • TiNie
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    A long time ago..., I have an issue that after a match the SWBF2 game crash to desktop on PC. I was already reporting this several weeks ago and this issue I described above was known under PC users. It seems, that this problem now went to consoles too. So maybe the PC issue with this will at least be fixed. :smiley:
    Greetings. o:)
  • @TiNie It's gotten worse, I re-edited the post. Some people are having data saving issues now where files get corrupted from the crashes. The crashes happen during matches, before matches, and after.
  • It seems console players are having this problem more than PC users.
  • TiNie
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    Well, I cannot say, because I am on SWBF2 holidays, i.e. I am not playing it, because I don't want to get annoyed or upset. Funny fact, they were not releasing the new update because there have been (a) bigger issue(s) with it. For me it seems, that this was not fixed yet.
    By the way in a non english Forum for SWBF2 some console users say something about stuttering/framedrops ingame.
    This was already reported by PC, me included, several weeks ago already.
  • Yeah frame drops seem to happen, rarely but consistently. Sometimes it happens when you're just on the player/hero select menu. The lag stays, I predict it's like 10-20 fps. (This is for consoles) and I use a PS4 Pro and that does not even help. whats going on dice And greetings

  • All the time on PS 4
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