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Kenobi emote

Can you guys make this Darth Maul emote available through credit purchase or Crystals? II missed out on the event and was unable to unlock it surely you guys can come up with another way to get it


  • I second that, I only was able to get the Felucia map once!
  • I also agree, I had a problem with the challenge. This is what I wrote on another part of the forum:

    "Today I was completing the timed challenges for the recent Luke "Farmboy" outfit and the "KENOBI!" emote for Darth Maul. I was able to complete the challenge for Luke and for Maul, however I never got the emote for him. It might be because during match it said I completed it (before 6 PM EST or 12 AM in Swedish time), the challenge "Exact Revenge", but an error occured soon after, causing my PS4 to leave the game (this has happened so many times). When I reopened the game, I didn't have the Maul emote, and it was already 6 PM EST, when the challenge would end, so it didn't show up in timed challenges. I understand this may be the reason, but whenever I have completed a challenge in match and an error occurred, it still would count it, so why didn't it this time?"

    I really hope they alllow us to be buy event items at some point, as it can be a tad bit unfair to set these time limits with challenges that require a specific map.
  • I'm pretty sure all the event items are available for purchase after the said event is over.

    My opinion on it is they should leave these special event skins, or emotes to only be available through the event, but have it happen once a year on the same week every year. I know plenty of games that have a system like this. For example on Halloween have a special cosmetic available for that week, and after the event is over then you'll have to wait till the next time the event goes live to unlock it. They should also have some sort of thing in place for people who play the game regularly or for veteran players where they get exclusive cosmetics for playing the game that ordinary people can't unlock. Give people who have been around since launch or even a set number of days a sense of accomplishment besides class leveling.
  • Unfortunately the Darth Maul scream Kenobi emote is not yet available forpurchase it looks to me like they took it away but I have heard through random friends that they are going to bring another event so we can try to get it again but that is left to be seen
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