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Glitch Can't move or I run slow

Yesterday I was playing HVV and I was using Rey, the game was playing smoothly until i faced palpatine 2 times and every time he electrocuted me no matter if I recived the hit or blocked it i was unable to move. The other effect is that i can move but very slow even when i try to sprint.


  • TiNie
    300 posts Member
    edited October 24

    If you are inside Sidious Dark Aura, there is a long time bug. And not only Rey is involved, I had the same trouble with Luke.
    The slow movement in Dark Aura is permanently active, i.e. you run and walk and its like you are moving in slow motion. You can "heal" this by respawn or if you are in Dark Aura for a second time. But this bug you mentioned is about a year old or older.
    Thanks and greetings.
  • I get the slow sprint on Chewy... Obi Wan... can be any character I think. I think it happens due to lag after a lot of hits....
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