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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final TRAILER MUSIC COVER

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edited October 24
Hey guys, my name is Tyler Grow and I am a composer for Film & Media - still studying in college. I have a discussion that is a bit off topic today as I'd like to share with youI something I just finished:

As a fun past time and educational exercise, I have decided to do a cover of the music from latest Star Wars trailer of the film that it coming out later this year.

It was truly an experience composing for two days, trying to figure out how the trailer composers created this track. I can't give credit to one single composer as there were many talented people who worked on the original Star Wars Trailer Music, but I do have the pleasure of knowing one of them.

My only hope is I wasn't too far off the mark with this cover in terms of how accurate/or close I could get to the original sound.

I'd love for your opinions and suggestions on the piece!



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