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November Community Calendar

Do Time-Elapsed Video's Interest You?

Hey there all, figured since I play this why not advertise for a side thing I have on YouTube. I'm a talented colorist who color's for fun and enjoy's putting the video together and watching it solely for myself. They are for the most part relaxing to watch, and as you can tell by the music selections from the oldest to the newest that i have tried to find something suitable for the purpose of killing some time and relaxing and watching someone with a little talent color in various artists' illustrations. I also branch out and did a completely free-hand thing and soon I will be doing something new with live photographs cause it gets annoying when people scoff and go "oh you didnt draw that though?" Hah It takes talent to draw, yes which comes easy to me as well but takes a more effort in my opinion and coloring is much more relaxing to boot. So if any of that interests you search out Euros2999 for my channel to watch the 11 videos currently available for viewing. I am both an amateur colorist which i do for fun mostly and to relax at times and an amateur video maker which explains the cheesy music in the earlier videos :smile: well hope you check them out and of course subscribe cause thats the most important part. My goal is 1000 subscribers right now and holding at 98. Lookin to grow my audience so help a fellow star wars-ian out! :smiley:
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