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November Community Calendar

Opinion on something

I was done watching a video talking about Capital Supremecy, and its topic was about how it needs all of the three eras.

I want to know everyone's opinions on that notion of all of the three eras in the Capital Supremecy game mode. Would it be a breath of fresh air? Would it kill Galactic Assault? What do you all think?

My opinion is this: For the Clone Wars to have these grand-scale battles, hopping on the ground then into the hanger of either your own flagship or the enemy's ship makes sense to me. It wasn't the whole guerilla tactics GCW or First Order-Resistance era had. If they were to have CS maps for the other era's, then make it feel that the maps are suited for both open conflict and guerilla warfare. The rebels and resistance were not all official armies, but rather people that believed what the side they joined fought for, thus having to adopt hit and run tactics to take on the expertly trained soldiers, officers, snipers, etc. Of the Empire.

I am really on the fence about that opinion, but would you agree or disagree?


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