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Yubnub challenge

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edited October 25
I love (sarcasm) how they tied getting Luke's new outfit to ewok hunt. I loathe this mode and stopped playing it almost immediately. I kinda wish that the players that become the ewoks would just let the Stormtrooper players kill them so we could all get the skin and be done with it. Ah well, back to the grind, hopefully will have the requisite kills shortly.
"I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me, aaaand now I have a lightsaber!"


  • It had to be!! The original reward of the skin was to be for successfully defending 10 Command Posts in COOP Mode.... but the Wednesday 23rd October update has messed up the AI so that it is virtually impossible to defend the posts. The AI are like... expert mode and in huge numbers. Us four players were getting hopelessly outnumbered ...there have been many complaints in last 48 hours about this situation. Although...saying all that... I did manage to successfully one match with 3 other players on Geonosis as separatist droids :D
  • jonci
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    It doesn't say which faction you need to use to get the kills could be as ewoks only.

    You could do like some saddos have been doing and using ESP and aimbot in the mode. I mean one piece of trash got 29 kills and was the only surviving trooper, really was it ewok co op with waves of em for the person to mow down???

  • yubnub challenge was pretty easy... now im done with this mode just like i did with the kenoooobiiiiiii emote and CS.

    see you in november
  • It took me one match to get the challenge completed. I was a stormtrooper though. It would probably take longer as an Ewok.
  • I absolutely hate this mode... No outfit for me this time.
    I'd honestly rather play 1,000 co ops against impossible odds!
  • Was easy to do.


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