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Looking for people to play with...[PC]

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edited October 25
Not looking for a clan. Just for friends to play with on occasion.

OriginID - bluedoo-YT

Discord - bluedoo#6968


  • Added you - saltysolo
  • Hello there!
    I see you're looking for others to play with. If you're interested in joining a community where there's always people to play with, then...

    AOD is a mature & casual gaming clan that has been around since 1999 & consists of over 3000 members throughout multiple gaming divisions.
    We're also one of the largest & most active clans in SWBFII 2017.
    We've got over 210 active members in the Battlefront II Division from all over the globe, which means you'll never have to play alone again!
    We host fun in-game events in all different modes, including Ewok Hunt! We also run training sessions so whether you're just new to the game or see yourself as a Jedi master, you can either come along to learn or share some of your hints and tips.
    AOD is all about having a laugh and playing fair - we prefer sportsmanship over skill. We have a Discord where you can message other members of your division and the wider clan, and have our own dedicated TeamSpeak servers for chatting while playing.
    You just need to be 16 and have a microphone in order to join us.

    Interested? Let me know, I'll help you out & check us out at!

    Origin: AOD_Blindschirm
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