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November Community Calendar

A Counter Character for CIS to fight the Clone Commando could be the Dwarf Spider Droid here's why.

The (Dwarf Spider Droid) could be a Counter Character for the CIS to fight off Clone Commandos in a sort of game balancing way the CIS did mass produce the Dwarf Spider it would be very common to see the Dwarf spiders accompanying ground troops like the B1's and B2's and Droidekas and Commando Droids. Th Dwarf Spider was used across the Entire Clone Wars in service to the CIS Army, simply put it wouldn't be a Droid invasion without seeing the little Dwarf Sized infantry support units at their fellow Droids side! which can fit through all the maps hall ways or cramped areas cause it was made to fight rebellions of miners in mines originally! It has a quicker repeating shots for anti-infantry and it could also charge up for more powerful bolts for anti-vehicle purposes kinda exactly like the Clone AT-RT Scout Walker, but with a bigger advantage because a fully autonomous self thinking war Droid, that can take orders just like all the other Droids, it can climb walls and go through tunnels and even go underwater if it needs to its a versatile Droid like all the CIS Droids have their own individual supporting roll in the CIS Army and that is very interesting! It's already in the game as well it's just a back ground character at the moment just like the (OG-9 Homing Spider) and the (HellFire Droid) and the (Snail Tank) all exist but are not an option to play as yet fingers crossed.

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