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Hey EA. If players have to wait for hours to play Battlefront 1, you should stop selling this game.

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edited October 27
Blows me away a gaming company can continue selling a game and collecting money when players can't use it because of minimum match requirements. No one should ave to wait hours to play a game and this speaks to the company's neglect determining how to prevent this in the design phase.


  • d0kRX
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    So what platform were you trying to find games on?
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  • They must lower the number of players needed to start matches to the half. (Pc)

    If they don't do it, the practice of continuing selling this game would be considered fraud.

    We paid for something that we cannot play.
  • I knew this when I bought this game, in some day servers will be empty. This is why I prefer singleplayer content in multiplayer game and AI bots. When servers are empty you can still play the game.
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