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Officer's Flash Grenade

37 posts Member
Am I the only one who prefers the old flash grenade more than the newer one? I think it should blind enemies in the same way it used too. It is a "flash grenade" after all. It is supposed to stop people from seeing. Now it seems like it just sort of blurs the screen.


  • d0kRX
    1462 posts Member
    Really, they nerfed the officer again? Unnecessary.
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  • I prefered the old flash grenade. Which noobs were complaining about that
  • Its name should probably be changed to concussion grenade now.
  • The blur-nade. (blurnade)
    The EA-nade - what it's called and what it actually does do not match.
  • It's best to bring back the old flash grenade, but perhaps the new effect could stay for when the flash grenade splits into pieces and impact happens on the outer edge of the blast radius...instead of a really short blinding effect.

    It looks similar to entering warp drive.
  • Since they changed the flash to a blur, it is almost useless — it doesn’t significantly hinder anyone’s ability to run or shoot in the right direction. I wish it would go back to being a heavily disorienting flash, but have the strength of the effect weaken the more one is facing away from the grenade when it detonated. (Maybe that’s how it was before, I can’t remember.) That way it could be still be very effective at times but partially counterable with skill.
  • ULTIMATEMurloc
    113 posts Member
    edited November 6
    EA leadership at its finest.
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