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December CC

4 Boost/Abilty Cards instead of 3

1. How about doing a weekend event all guns have no cool down - you are able to shoot unlimited.
2. How about Assault Heavy officer specialist classes being able to have 4 ability cards or boost cards instead of 3.
3. Need to make some more guns for Assualt heavy officer specialist classes
4.You should make it instant respawn on Galactic Assualt all the time.
5. You need to make more maps for Galactic Assualt........
6.Maybe putting ewoks on galactic Assualt on Endor and make them a bit more stronger on that game .
7.More skins for all heroes
8. Being able to choose different colours of light savers for hereos
9.Maybe doing a vote system where players choose what map they want to play on Galactic Assualt.
10. It takes to long finding players in lobby on Galactic Assualt Xbox change to 6 players per side to start game instead of 10 players per side to start game.
11. Droidekas are no fun need to make them a bit stronger how about they walk faster and quicker time to deploy shield.


  • Cyro
    396 posts Member
    1. madness.
    2. where should they put those cards? theres no space. just pick 3.
    3. totally agree
    4. have no patience, have you? -.-
    5. Yeah
    6. Only on Endor and i am fine.
    7. Not really needed.
    8. Why??? No!
    9. Would result in some maps never getting selected ever again..and others all the time.
    10. Just wait.
    11. Yeah buff them a bit in damage or shield.

    Honestly, this sounds like you'd prefer a CoD-like game.... or fortnite.
  • ULTIMATEMurloc
    117 posts Member
    edited October 28
    1. How about making signifcantly reducing the amount of heat each gun creates so you're not overheating nearly as often?

    2. I'd be fine with 1 equipment and no boosts. A barebones version where maybe less is better.

    4.I like the idea of being able to spawn right away rather than having to wait an unnecessary few seconds. Most of the time I don't end of changing my class, cards, or equipment. Also, would like to see this applied to other game modes as well.

    5. That's a given.

    6. Ok, yup

    7. I prefer maps, guns, game modes, bug fixes over additional skins. Additional skins should be the last thing devs work on adding.

    8. Pass. If there was a customizable generic jedi character then maybe. Siths would remain red.

    9. That's a maybe.

    10. You can use your phone while you wait, go get a class of water, stand up and stretch those legs.

    11. Yes, an overall buff is desirable.
  • Cyro
    396 posts Member
    you know theres a reason why respawn timers and weapon cooldowns exist, right? it's not because of giving you time to change your loadout, its called BALANCING. you really want DICE to break the game for some days??

    but i kinda like the idea of random custom jedi like in episode 2, the arena.... but i'd rather have those limited to a certain gamemode. maybe even THE arena battle.
  • Regardless of whatever EA wants me to call it, it gets in my way.
  • at least double the heat buildup for most guns...and quicken the cooldown for a few (NT-242, Heavy guns, and Officer guns #2 and #3)

    yes, create more guns for the non-battlepoint classes, and perhaps an option or two extra given to the specialty classes that are not heroes / villains

    yes, create more maps, for all modes...four or five more would be great

    buff the droideka, and modify its speed while in ball mode to be faster and more adaptive to terrain (jumps higher off a mini-ramp, can roll faster downhill, capable of hitting enemies and doing damage up to two at a time)

    increase mobility of rocket jumper class so its easier to dodge in the air, and can go higher & farther per fact, why not simply make it similar to Fett's jetpack as an option...simply doesn't last as long

    expand the boundaries of most maps...most are narrow and are like fighting on a wide street (add respawn points to all maps to allow quicker return to battle and other options for dropping into and looking for a place to go)

    map loading hints claim that pressing the ability button twice dumbfires missiles (no need to aim and obtain a lock on target)...tried it with Ion Launcher via Heavy Class and it didn't also didn't work with the Homing Rocket, so which is it? or is it inaccurate info? add it to all launchers except the map pickups in GA, and for those decrease the lock-on time by 2 seconds. it's too difficult to destroy the tanks.

    separate the Extraction and Strike modes...

    and BF1 (2015) had the option to choose what map to start with searching for an active game: bring it back!
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