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November Community Calendar


I think that Jinata Security is a very interesting faction, given its equipment which includes both Imperial and Republican vehicles. Why not make it clash in Multiplayer against the First Order? It would be a very interesting scenario, since nobody really loves the Resistance (it's basically a copy of the Rebels), and it's too cool to see ARC-170 fighting against First Order TIE in the campaign (it's really epic). If I had to imagine a clash from these two factions the only planet that seems possible to me is Vardos. The assets are already there, and the map of the campaign is also quite large.

It is obviously desirable to have this battle in Capital Supremacy (Jinata Sec. could use an old Venator), but even having this battle in other minor modes would certainly be interesting. I would love to see a battle like this at least in Instant Action or Starfighter assault.

DICE, think about it!

(note: i already posted this in Suggestions, but people is more likely to read this if i post here.)

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