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ATRT in Co-op

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edited October 29
I know most people don't give the ATRT much thought but I've been having some good fun with the ATRT in co-op.

Advantages of an ATRT:

- AI generally aims at the chassis. With Epic Protect Critical Systems card, ATRT survivability in Co-op is excellent value for the battle points it costs. Other health cards are redundant as they don't improve pilot's health, and the pilot usually dies before the chassis. The unit is capable of soaking up a large amount of punishment. It won't survive for long standing in a middle of a swarm, but for pushing a position it's great. Serves well to draw aggro and tank at control points so other units can recover, especially when the game goes into overtime. And unlike larger classes of tank, it can get into most control areas and doesn't block everyone's field of fire.

- You have the high ground. Being up high improves situational awareness, you can see and shoot opposition behind obstacles and on raised levels. Also great for teams as the unit's sensors highlight enemy units concealed behind walls and obstacles, dust storms, smoke grenades, and in concealing or visually noisy environments like Feluccia and Kashyyyk. Just a reminder that the minimap also becomes precise, so worth checking that to see your enemy locations while sensors are active. This is one of the reasons a card should go to sensors. Can't spawn in last stage of Kashyyk but surviving ones from earlier stages can be brought into the hanger to the LAAT control point.

- Stable precision firing position and very good for ranged attacks on swarms approaching you. The gun overheats quickly, but will punish most units if you get a bead. The ion shot gains additional 40 damage with EPIC and does splash damage, strips shields and destroy turrets, and provides splash fire on advancing blocking villains, so the final card slot should be filled with improve secondary weapon. It lacks the firepower to quickly clear an area like an enforcer or AoE but you can still top the leaderboard with kills.

if you're low on battlepoints, this thing can recover a game turning south. And they're fun to charge through a tight grouping of seppy grunts. Just don't slow down.
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