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December CC

Arcade Improvements

Add HvV Maps to map selection so you can play splitscreen Versus on them & solo against AI heroes on an offlne HvV mode.

add ALL the blast maps that are currently not in team battle map selection

add felucia to online blast and team battle

add starkiller base exterior to starfighter assault

add bespin to starfighter assault

those are just some ideas..
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  • SYchael
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    edited November 1
    I hope they just merge IA and Arcade and make give toggle options to stack playability.

    For example:
    Command Posts: Toggle whether there are command posts and “tickets” for them.
    Blast (Team Battle)- Defeat a Certain Amount of Troops
    Survive (Last Stand)- Can Choose up to 10 Lives. Only 1-10 Lives
    Starfighters/Hero Starfighters- (Most Likely Would Have to Be A Separate Phases Unless They Could Load Ground and Space In One)
    - SF Blast (Take Down All Enemy Ships)
    - SF Shield Take Down
    Board Capital Ship

    So the end result if you had all toggled on:
    Take command posts. If you take out all the enemy troops before the ticket count reaches 100 you win, if ticket count reaches, the fight goes to space and is Team Battle SF except simultaneously you can take out the enemies shield on their ship to progress to the last phase which is essentially the same as Capital Supremecy, except it’s win or lose. No returning to the ground.

    This would be the ultimate mode. Once they got this for offline, just make every map for CS/IA and they could crank maps so much faster and just tweak parts of the maps for other modes.
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