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Give every hero/villian an ultimate? Community question: What should they be?

I think HvV would be really interesting if all heroes and villains had ultimates. I think it is unfair that Anakin is the only one who gets an ultimate ability because it is almost guaranteed to end in a death for the enemy. I am pretty sure that plenty of Star Wars fans have countless suggestions on what each hero's and villain's ultimate ability can be.
Here are some suggestions:
Luke Skywalker: Force light - Gains a boost in movement, saber swing speed, and jump distance as well as a golden aura that surrounds him.
Obi-Wan: Enters a defensive state where he deflects and counters all incoming saber strikes for a short time.
Yoda: Battle Meditation - increases stamina and fighting prowess of teammates for a few seconds.


  • I completely agree with the concept and have been making my own listing (during spare time). You and I had the same idea for Yoda with Battle Meditation and a somewhat similar one for Luke, although both of mine are very situational/have drawbacks. My idea is that all of their ultimates should be that way (highly situational and can backfire if used incorrectly).

    For Yoda’s Battle Meditation, for example, I had imagined it being able to activate only when within 15 meters of at least 3 allied units, lasting 30 seconds (with a 2 minute cooldown), giving +100% damage to all allied units within 20-25 meters radius but during which Yoda would sit down, be unable to attack or defend, and would be susceptible to taking additional damage at a +125% rate. He could exit the ability early but then the cooldown time would be doubled for the next recharge.

    Great post though! I’d like to see these come to fruition.
  • Yoda sitting down in battle? Lol, you're right it has a drawback, too much. I think it could be usable once he's received enough of a certain type of damage, specifically damage from villains. Or if his health and stamina are at 20% after receiving damage in battle consistently for a minute or two. The timer-based abilities make a lot of situations become no-skill for heroes / villains because they're still able to use those abilities quickly and frequently. So, for an ultimate, I think it needs to be limited by certain conditions and usable less frequently than the other abilities. Anakin's radial force blast is actually not the worst culprit when it comes to overpowered abilities, since I'm capable of doing a couple rolls if I'm not too close to evade it. Bug Grievous has a range of lightsaber attacks after knocking me down that goes at least double beyond where his lightsaber(s) strike. Yet he has a couple of the most limited abilities among heroes / villains, which make him susceptible to gunfire and explosives and isn't really counterbalanced by the power of those abilities. It'd be really cool if he could spider walk on walls and ceilings, staying in the mode indefinitely until using a different ability. And his mobility in the spider walk mode should be far more agile and a bit faster, or at least be able to move faster with the sprint button.

    The gun-wielding heroes / villains are too vulnerable in some of their abilities too. But it's difficult to make them less vulnerable without making them overpowered in contrast to other basic classes.
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