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December CC

Heroes vs Villians (But with NO shooters)

Heroes vs Villians is one of my favorite modes..... That is, when there are no gun-wielding players. Please grant us a mode that has NO shooters. Same with the showdown mode. Shooters (in my opinion) can utterly ruin these game modes.

I can't tell you how many times the HATE flowed through me, when going against a team with many shooters. It is beyond frustrating when the veteran players use these characters to snipe and destroy a team of saber wielding characters.

I know there are going be those hardcore players who deny the fact that the shooters are a detriment to this game mode, but i respectfully disagree. In all the great lightsaber duels/battles of the trilogies i don't ever remember shooters being apart of it..... Make a separate Heroes vs Villains mode with only Saber wielding characters to get proper duels going on. That way you don't have to worry about being sniped from across the map........ Please...... The frustration can be rage inducing.....

Ask yourself, in what universe can Han Solo take out Darth Vader. In what universe can Bossk kill Anakin and Obi-wan. In what universe can Iden Versio kill Luke freakin' skywalker. I'm not saying get rid of these shooter heroes, i get why people like them. But at least make a mode that DOESN'T include them cowardly sniping, rolling, jumping, and bombing you while you're trying to duel.....

Thank you.

PS. And to those of you who love playing these shooter characters in Heroes vs Villains..... Well, in the words of Anakin/Vader..... "I HATE YOU!!!!" ;)


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    As you've already got a thread open on this subject with more activity I'm going to close this off.
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