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Ewok Hunt

For the first time ever today I actually got matches in ewok hunt on PC. The atmosphere is really great but I have two complaints.
This game has no voice chat so the experience overall is pretty dry and repetitive.
The fire bugs that the ewoks throw are incredibly annoying. I don't understand how you're supposed to avoid taking damage from them. You can sprint away, roll away, crouch away, crouch on the spot, stand still, do whatever, and they will just keep hitting you. It's total crap and I'll never play ewok hunt again unless something is done to make the fire bugs less annoying.


  • this mode is a little bit better on the 'new' map but it's still boring ZzZzZzz . i wanted luke's skin. now im done with this mode. same with kennoooooooobbiii emote and CS.
  • I haven't played a match in this mode. I've thought about it. I've seen gameplay on youtube. Kinda cool to watch but it hasn't attracted me enough to play it.
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