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Can you sort reys dash out? And can she get a buff?

The only technical problem with her dash is that it doesn't always joust the way she is facing. Sometimes it does a 180 spin easily killing you. I'm not sure if it works on how the camera is angled but it needs changing.
Rey is possibly the weakest saber hero on the roster, I see everyone one of them getting buffs but her. With her only being able to deal damage within lightsaber reach, could you not bring back guard break for dash strike maybe? Or anything else would be appreciated, even a better perk on a card. Id use balance if it didn't affect stamina, hers suffers more than any. When I'm facing players that know how to fully exploit all their cards and abilities it can become effort. Couldn't you at least put her on a more level pegging with kylo ren? Perhaps damage boost when around allies like so? That would be nice


  • Cadoth
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    Block break for dash strike
  • Sejanus_4
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    First off, Yoda is the weakest saber on the roster by far. Second, what are you talking about? Rey is the strongest lightside saber in the game. Her insight ability alone does 4 different things at the same time. It scans enemies, removes her from radar, increases her stamina, and increases her damage. She is one of the best stealth fighters and her mind trick can mess the enemy up or make them walk off cliffs. You are actually implying that Kylo is her superior? Kylo gets on his knees and kisses her feet just like in the movies.

    Use Focused Insight and Far Insight, this will allow you to keep insight on when you go into combat. Insight is one of the strongest abilities in the game which will wreck enemies if used properly. This will also give you more time to go around enemies for a stealth attack. If you attack enemies in the back when her insight is on, you have already won. As for her dash, if you can swing right after it has connected, this is another deadly combo she brings to the table.
  • Hash
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    I have maxed rey and I can easily say yoda is better. I don't know if you played the game but she is the weakest all round saber wise for the light side. Definitely ain't the strongest man that'd have to be anakin and luke ain't a far cry with his intensify card he's become a savage. Obi wan I don't need to say. Yoda can rush repeatedly and he instantly becomes a big problem in a 1v1, especially if he has the right cards equipped. She needs a buff. I'm aware what cards to use and it ain't them, not for HvV anyway. All they need to do is jump or dodge out the way, an experienced player can do this easily. Only guarantees a kill on noobs
    You really think kylo is weaker in game you have no idea how to utilise him. Frenzy saps your stamina, and most sabers now have a guard breaking move or near as good. Rey is the only character I found that really has to work to beat a decent player. If you play the game you will notice a lot of players switch from her, I personally refuse. All you have to do is keep your wits about you to see her, she rarely ever kills me. She'd be unstoppable played with an elite controller, but who wouldn't?
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  • Maybe she is just not your playstyle. I played with her last night in H vs. V and was cornered by Kylo and Maul and defeated them both. I put Insight on and mind tricked them, then they both jumped so I saber dashed Maul connecting right when he hit the ground the followed up with swings, killing him. Then I turned to Kylo, he did his pull and freeze which I blocked both, then he Frenzied which is a very sloppy move so I just side stepped and started spanking him till he died.

    If you watch Top 10 hero videos on YouTube, she is almost always in the top 5. I am not bad with Kylo, but he has a very sloppy (which is accurate) fighting style. All players really use him for is pulling people into holes and before you say the players I went up against sucked, I have been playing almost since launch and about every Kylo and Maul player plays the same. It is very rare that I meet players out of the norm because Kylo is not a versatile hero at all.

    However it doesn't matter, you will continue to struggle because you refuse to try something new. Make room for Focused Sight if you don't do anything else. It is her best card. People underestimate how powerful Insight truly is.
  • Sejanus_4
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    edited November 1
    I'll tell you what, if you have a PS4, look me up and I'll show you how to use her. I should be online in a few hours.
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