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Snowspeeder mode, please & more "Air battle"

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edited October 31
The Snowspeeder is one of my favourite vehicles in Star Wars. I miss a mode like "ATAT Assault", where it plays a major role. I also miss a battle in the air over Hoth between X-Wing and Tie-Fighter as it is presented in BF (2015). That idea could also be transfered to Battle over Tatooine, Jeddha etc.


  • Walker Assault, in general, was a superior mode to GA. I do miss being able to use the snowspeeder on any map though. If they replaced the stupid "refurbished ATRT" with it, I don't think most people would complain. The ATRT is still basically uselss anyway and the snowspeeder would just be more era appropriate for Rebels than using a recycled art asset. Obviously the ATRT would have to be kept for maps like Endor, where there are no air units.
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