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December CC

temuera morrison voice for the clones

Temuera Morrison should voice the clones, he sounds way better than Baker. Or there should be an option to where ypu could either have Bakers voice or Temuera Morrison. I just feel like Baker sounds like a little kid and not a warrior. If we had Temuera Morrison's voice i feel like it would greatly improve the gaming experience and the player's feeling of being on the front lines in Starwars.


  • Btw if anyone has played republic commando or the original bf2 i feel like they would agree because his voice sounds absolutely terrific. Kind of like a grunt on the front lines.
  • Lol they're not paying to have the voice lines redone by someone who is definitely charging more money and they're definitely not giving you both options. There's more important work to be done on this game then stuff like this.
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