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[PS4 - SWBF2] Lions Vs Kittens

Hello fellow Jedi. I lead a competitive HvV community on PS4 called Lions Vs Kittens.

We're pretty deadly and well coordinated. Been around since the game came out. We're a private, somewhat exclusive community which is less concerned about rants and chat and arguing and more concerned with talking tactics and winning. We have 50+ members who play all hours, rival friendly guilds to fight.We rarely lose a match together. My dudes are true team destroyers and some of the best players the game has ever seen. We've had great 1v1, 2v1, 3v1 events, but mostly we group up for HvV 4ppl. We value wisdom, and don't stand for prejudice. I only vet the best and most chill.

Our only two rules have ever been:
1.) Must be highly skilled
2.) Don't disrespect other Lions

My creds: been gaming 35 years since I could understand what a screen was, played maybe every popular Star Wars game since Atari, Luke and Vader were my first heroes, Star Wars my first film. I've worked as a game tester leading teams of rowdy deathmatch testers, I've led class-specfic PvP guilds screaming across digital battlefields in MMOs and FPSs for decades. The truth speaks, it's the loudest in any room. So coordination, trust, and an all for one, one for all attitude have always been my mottos. We're all at the end of our day trying to enjoy it. We don't make each other wait, we meet up quickly, coordinate into a unit like a SWAT team, and get the job done.

Please pm me @ brandon242 on PSN if you'd like to be considered. We're not looking for casual members who only play every once in awhile, I drop those people after not long. We keep the guild tight, less about popularity, more about effectuality.

<waves hand slowly> this is the Jedi guild you've been looking for.


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