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December CC

Hero Tweaks/Fixes

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> Need to fix Unrelenting Advance bug that instantly depletes stamina of blocking opponent
> His ability regen needs to legthened. Now that Claw Rush breaks blocks and cannot be interrupted, all a player has to do is rotate between that and his Unrelenting Advance.

> Need to fix the chain lightning and dark aura bugs
> Increase his dodge recharge time and stagger when struck

> Fix issue with her charge taking off in seemingly random direction
> Charge should break blocks to balance out Grievous
> Her lightsaber strike speed needs to be a little faster

> Reduce stamina regen delay or increase overall stamina

> Reduce stamina regen delay
> Bring back damage reduction on choke

> Bring back damage reduction to Finn on big deal

Obi Wan
> Mind Trick should disable Boba Fett’s in-air recovery
> Mind Trick should restrict jump which would be a counter for Palpatine and Bossk
> Opponents can only be affected by one mind trick at a time so you can’t double up Rey and Obi Wan.

> Damage reduction during choke throw

And for the love of God please do something to balance teams when they are short players during a match of HvV! Either nerf the strong side or buff the weak one but I’m getting tired of being XP fodder for 4 on 1 try-hards!
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