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November Community Calendar

Speeder Aiming

I've noticed Speeder aiming has become quite difficult and glitches as of late. I can literally rest in one spot and the reticule starts wigging out. Additionally, when on the move moving the reticule is a pain. It's easier to maneuver an armor unit compared to a speeder. That doesn't seem right...


  • Agree agree agree. The reticle is fixed along the barrel of the guns which makes sense, but then the speeders are designed so that they stay a fixed distance above the ground, so if the ground is remotely bumpy you have like no chance of aiming. And then in CS on Kashyyyk the ground is so bumpy that it's like watching a movie in shaky cam, it's almost nauseating. I get that such a cheap reinforcement shouldn't be able to cancel out enforcers and heroes, but I would really prefer if that could get accomplished by making the guns weaker or make it easier to kill. Nerfing the vehicle by making the mechanics so bad as to be unusable is just terrible.
  • Unfortunately, I just stay at a rally point in CS just to level it up.
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