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I have an idea for a new game mode

So, essentially, it seems like all the bits and pieces (functions, etc.) are in the game already, and may just need to be tweaked a little but I have an idea for a new game mode.

Last Man Standing

It can be basic infantry (assault, heavy, etc.) or Heroes/Villains but it's a PvP free for all. No respawns and the last man left standing, wins the match. No heroes in the infantry match and vice versa and you can have the light side against light side, mixed, etc. You can have Kylo against Emperor or even Luke against Lando. You can limit the number of heroes to join (i.e. 10) but you could end up with 10 light side or dark side against each other. Thoughts?


  • How about last two standing?
  • OcDoc
    2093 posts Member
    I always appreciate someone giving game mode ideas. I think it is the type of feedback that is most needed but often least supplied. So thank you for your contribution.

    But this idea isn’t something I would like.
  • Ewok Hunt isn't something I like, but that game mode is there regardless. That's why I posted this here... to see how well this would be received and to maybe get a new game mode.
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