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Add CO-OP as an offline mode.

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Co-op is a fantastic and fun mode. Why not make it offline too? it is a mode where the AI ​​has a fundamental role both for the defenders and for the attackers. Allowing players to enjoy it offline seems almost obvious.

Obviously to do this you need to change some parameters for friendly and enemy AI:
1) Make allied AI more numerous and aggressive (but still less numerous than the opposing team).
2) Make the enemy AI less aggressive and slightly less numerous.
3) Make the enemy AI never use more than 1 hero.
4) Maybe add parameters like difficulty, number of friendly and enemy AI, heroes, friendly skins ecc ecc

This proposal came to my mind when looking at the Trippa Hive map. It really is a splendid map, besides being the first map of Geonosis to be released, so I think it has a special place for all of us fans, and it is very frustrating that I can't enjoy that map if I don't play online or I'm not connected.

I think it is a fairly reasonable proposal given that we are talking about a mode that widely uses AI.



  • I totally agree with that
  • a_1
    37 posts Member
    Agree 100%. Instant Action is a step in a good direction, but offline still needs some more content. I get things like GA being hard to have offline (even though that would be cool), but they proved that they can get AI to do this sort of thing. This could totally be offline and hopefully allow for split screen since Instant Action doesn't. I also feel like Strike/Extraction and quite possibly Ewok Hunt (it would be hard to have the AI care about what is hidden in the dark and what is illuminated by light) could be offline. I play more offline split screen with friends and siblings than playing online.
  • JediJulius
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    The thing is, they have claimed that the 13v13 Instant Action is currently the most that consoles can handle (likely referring to base PS4 and/or Xbox) due to memory limitations (as when running offline, the console doesn't get to use the cloud or anything, just whatever it alone can process). PC is an exception due to custom hardware and they get an AI slider to have far more AI at 32v32. If 13v13 is the current bar then we might never see Co-Op offline as it has many more bots running, though they've expressed interest at finding a way to increase the number on consoles.

    That being said, if they can get it working I'd be all for Co-Op (Turning Point) as an offline option.
  • I totally agree that would be great
  • DICE has to put a lot of love into Coop. In the future this will be the mode that will keep the game alive because you only need 4 players to play it. I wish Battlefront 1 had such mode back in 2015
  • Starmasui73146
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    Yeah we talked about this on another thread too.
    Jesbro wrote: »
    They could just fix this by letting the "Co-Op" mode be playable Offline just like "Arcade" and "Instant Action".

    It would also be a great way for the "Galactic Assault" maps to be playable Offline since the "Co-Op" mode uses those same maps.

    Yeah this would be amazing, I too would love an Offline version of "Co-Op" even it's just me and 3 super good A.I. warriors side by side against hordes of A.I.... But 2 humans and 2 A.I. would be the perfect path and of course split screen would put it over the top.

    But you know I've been thinking...If split screen is out of reach perhaps there is another solution. What if they were to give us "Co-Op" for Offline but gave us coach co-op in a different way? Instead of Split Screen what about something more like the classic X-Box 360 game "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"? In that game the players need to stay within tv screen site of the other player instead of Split Screen. This caused teamwork to get places. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" for the classic X-Box did this same kind of thing as well. The only bad thing about it is that you could not capture two different CPs at the same time as humans, though you would be able to play together. This is why I feel the same screen method is best for "Co-Op" mode Offline because the CPs become less and less as you go.

    Notice how nether of these video games utilizes split screen...

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (by EA) Co-Op Offline multiplayer
    "The Black Gate"

    The Chronnicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (by Disney Interactive) Co-Op Offline multiplayer "Cair Paravel"

    Yes there are three draw backs to using this method for Offline Co-Op:
    (1.) The view is farther back, your character is smaller.
    (2.) You have to stay within screen site of each other.
    (3.) You can not take two separate Command Posts at once.

    But if they give us the ability to give orders to our A.I. squad-mates then the two A.I. we can just command to defend or capture the C.P. we so chose.
    For example, if defending we can command the two A.I. to defend CP "B" while we defend CP "A". So it can work.
    That would be a good alternative to me.

    They totally need to make this happen, it is so fun (Offline Co-Op I mean).
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    “There is always hope.”
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