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November Community Calendar

Bring back blaster only and saber only modes as permanent modes

Tired of having good 1v1 or 1v2 saber fights in hvv just to lose all my health or stamina to a blaster hero sitting in the back of the map. I literally lose all my health in a fight cause of a chewie that has bowcaster shots that cant be blocked so i cant do anything but just take damage or i get stunned mid fight. Its just dumb that i cant do much without losing either most of my stamina from blocking both saber hits and blaster fire at the same time or losing my health from dodging away from a saber hero which leaves me open for a few blaster shots to hit me. Also that obi wan and rey mind trick stack is stupid and they need to implement something like they did with the stuns. If i get mind tricked by obi wan i shouldn't be able to get hit by reys mind trick and vice versa its practically a free kill when u get hit by both. They need to bring back saber only and blaster only mode cause blasters being in hvv is so unbalanced im sure some blaster players think the other way around. Just keep the normal hvv then have those 2 separate modes for people that want to have all out saber combat or all out blaster hero combat without the stuns and explosives and crap interrupting. It would be so much more balanced and fun if saber and blaster weren't mixed together like that. Its understandable in the first game cause there was only 2 saber heroes but now that there are way more sabers compared to the first game there needs to be a saber only mode for a proper balanced game.


  • I agree and like the idea of a saber hero only mode
  • XDDD just got out of game where i got rag dolled to death by lukes 2 abilites then anakins 2 and yoda then wrecked by lando cause i couldnt even get up off the ground and as soon as i got up instantly stunned by lando hvv is so bad rn they need to fix alot of stuff.
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