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A Leia Buffs Thread - "Someone has to save our skins!"

Leia needs buffs. Anyone who woke up with the sun rising in the east knows this. She certainly needs some general buffs to increase her effectiveness and utility, but that would only go so far in HvV. I've had this idea rolling around in the back of my mind that because Leia is a unique Force-sensitive blaster hero in this game, all of her abilities should have special effects in relation to Force users; call it post-ROTJ training from Luke. Anyway, these are my ideas for those. I'll be speaking in generalities instead of hard numbers for the most part, since those numbers would be determined by playtesting anyway (I hope).

Since Leia as a blaster hero is themed around defense and tactical support, she's basically a Super-Officer with a touch of Assault, and so her general buffs should be aimed in that direction. No bona fide hero should have abilities lesser than those of more basic units, so tuning her up with that principle in mind is fairly straightforward.

General buffs:
  • Defender pistol: slightly reduce the bloom on successive shots, return the Power Shot-style soft homing effect to its charge blast.
  • Flash Grenade: add damage and increase blast radius to match the Officer's Improved Flash Grenade but keep the detonation on impact, allowing her to apply the effects without delay; grenade detonates after a small delay if it is dropped (animation interrupted after pulling it out but before throwing it).
  • Enhanced E-11 Blaster: halve the bloom, at least. Seriously. The bloom is freaking insane, especially considering it's a only a temporary weapon, especially considering that two other heroes have main autofire weapons with negative bloom!!! Okay, I'm calm, I'm okay now...
  • Squad Shield: add detonation on demand like the Officer's version, except the detonation also causes a Detonite-level knockback (no damage) to any enemies within the shield.

Force-specific buffs:
  • Combat roll: evades Force powers like all the Force-users' dodges do.
  • Defender pistol: single shot has double damage against saber block stamina.
  • Flash grenade: stunned Force users lose all auto-targeting, including saber attacks, until the effects wear off, except (maybe) Palpatine's basic attacks.
  • Enhanced E-11 Blaster: bolts can be deflected by the target, but cannot be deflected back at Leia.
  • Squad Shield: if Leia is within the shield it changes color from green to blue and blocks all Force powers in addition to its normal effects, though the Force powers cause damage equal to a successful hit on a player target against the shield.

As for her star cards, I was gonna do a whole thing but that would be part of a major reworking of the whole underlying concept of hero star cards, because I think the basic "adjust X value by Y amount" paradigm is horribly boring and uninteresting. But at the very least, make Blinding Reveal work for the whole team, yeah? And Stay Together should offer a flat value of 10% damage reduction with the buy-in being how many teammates have to be near to activate it, 4/3/2/1.
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