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Damage reduction or am I missing something? (gone for awhile)

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edited November 3
I took a break of about 5 months or so from the game and just started playing a few days ago. Since then I noticed that a large amount of the time when I shoot troopers a red shield pops up in front of them and they take little to no damage from me. I was just shooting a heavy in the back and suddenly it popped up and he stopped taking damage and slowly turned around and killed me almost immediately. What's changed in this time and what can I do to get or counter it? It's happened for every opponent/class whether I use regular shot or ion shot. Vehicles still seem the same. Also, did they increase the damage from an ariel's rocket? I seem to be killed by them much more often now unless peoples aim has just gotten better.


  • It’s damage reduction. Happens when troopers are rolling or during an ability that has damage reduction
  • But what abilities? Like my example...I was shooting a heavy in the back and almost killed him and then suddenly I stopped doing damage to him. What damage reduction ability do heavies for example have? He wasn't tumbling, using any kind of sentry mode, had no shield up (that protects only from the front), and he wasn't boosted by anybody else...he was alone.
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