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Add the ground phase of galactic conquest from classic battlefront 2 to the offline

Dice could do this as ea owns the rights to pandemic studios and all the would have to do is update the graphics and modify it to allow you to equip Star cards and since this would be available offline all the star cards would need to be unlocked and fully upgraded for offline access


  • This is by far not so easy as you may think. Since the Pandemic Battlefront games use a different engine than SWBF2, the devs would have to literally create every map from the scratch.
    SWBF2 uses an updated version of the Frostbite engine, that has been used for SWBF2015 and porting maps would save nothing more than a week, according to the devs. And since DICE has to reach a very high graphical quality, they would spend months for one single map, not to mention, how long they would need to create all of them.
    I think, it would be better, to create completely new maps.
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