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Add new class specific skins for the empire

Here is a list of skins the imperial shock trooper skin from battlefront 2015 also from that game is the shadow trooper skin and the magma trooper skin also there’s the mud troopers from solo and the shore troopers from rogue one


  • We've been asking for that for 2 years now and so far nuttin'.... Only PT content.
    Hard to imagine the franchise if 40 years old and all we've seen for new content is from the PT.
  • I totally agree which Is why I’m bugging them
  • - Shock trooper.
    - Shadow trooper.
    - TIE pilot (officer class).
    - Imperial Navy Trooper.
    - Snowtrooper commander (default officer skin in Hot).
    - AT-AT driver.
    - Stormtroopers corps lieutetant (officer).
    - ISB colonel (officer).
    - Imperial officer olive green uniform.
    - AT-ST driver.
    - Mud trooper.
    - Imperial patrol trooper.
    - Storm commando.
    - AT-DP pilot.
    - Stormtrooper blue-pauldron (specialist).
    - Tank pilot.
    - Troop transport driver.
    - Imperial gunner.
    - Imperial ground crew.

    Many posible options.

  • My post about Mimban battle on Solo has good pictures of the mud troopers check it out
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