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The flash grenade nerf is bad

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People are saying Boba's concussion rocket is bad (and i could easily say useless) since launch, where is a good idea making the flash grenade as "strong"?
Left slot now is a joke, I'm better with defuser at this point...
All these nerfs are really getting out of hand, like the stinger pistol's, why don't give troopers 1 HP and toy blasters? That seems the goal.
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  • Yeah agree. Since launch a lot of the weapons have been way toned down. Most of it good. Some stuff was just way OP. Kinda miss the potent blurg but oh well.

    Many of the nerfs has made the gameplay more competitive and balanced which is good. Thankfully the Devs have eliminated most of the bugs and improved the stability which were really annoying. Some of the recent nerfs were exxessive though. These excessive ones include speeders (especially the LIUV), the stinger pistol, and the officer’s flash grenade.

    I play all classes but probably play officer and assault the most. Flashes were annoying but you dealt with it. I oresume the complaints about flash grenades came mostly from assault or heavy only types. Well flashes aren’t nearly annoying as thermal detonator spam, camper detonite charges or shooting down 200HP on a heavy only to have a shield up.

    Out of all the classes, its officer who has been nerfed the most. So it gets BPs faster overall. It’s weapons shouldn’t be nerfed to almost comical levels. If anything shoukd be nerfed its starfighters who have little worries about getting destroyed on some maps but can spam their cannons and torpedos at ground troops and wreak havoc.
  • moistboii
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    Flash is fine imo. It's better for when I play as a hero
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  • moistboii wrote: »
    Flash is fine imo. It's better for when I play to play as a hero

    Nah. I'm all for using heroes but the Flash grenade was nerf too hard. Good thing I switch to the heavy a while back.
  • You mean the concussion grenade
  • I don’t like the change either. I’ve also noticed it will concuss me eve when I am very far away from it, sometimes when i am completely behind cover. Before the change, those instances would not have had any effect at all.
  • DiamondxStyles
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    It was only op because other classes don't have access to something as basic as a flashbang. The grenade option should be available to all classes

    Flash grenade
    Shock Grenade
    Ion Grenade

    And the explosive and gas damage resistance starcard should have minimized the affects of all flashbangs as well

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  • Smattonellus
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    The problem I have with it it's quite simple, a flashbang is supposed to blind you, as in every other game, now it doesn't, you can easily see even while concussed (same reason why people keep telling concussion missile sucks), first of all it's not a flash grenade any longer, secondly if you really want to get rid of the blind effect add something else to balance, and rework Boba's missile to boost, same applies to other things that have been just nerfed without thought.
    Also the flash bang was a great tool against heroes, why do I feel every nerf is aimed at making them more overpowered against troopers?
    I swear this game was so much better before they dropped Grievous, then it's just been downhill, new content doesn't cover for worse gameplay.
  • I like the new flash grenade. It needed a change.
  • Totally, I don't know why DICE decided to make the only useful thing for the Officer useless
  • Smattonellus
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    SQJACKIE wrote: »
    Totally, I don't know why DICE decided to make the only useful thing for the Officer useless

    What's worse is that you have only defuser and homing shot as substitutes, if I could slot in disabler it wouldn't be as bad, hope they get rid of left/right restrictions, it would free up some customization options for base classes.
  • Must be nerfed. Herolords killstreak is must not be interrupted.
  • Why was it nerfed? Is there a quota for monthly nerfs?
  • Why was it nerfed? Is there a quota for monthly nerfs?

    It would certainly seem so :( , maybe it was asked on reddit but I doubt it.
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