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My thoughts about the stamina system


As far as I know, the stamina that is taken by blocking blaster fire is now coupled with the damage output.

What about generalize it and make blocking lightsabers the same way draining stamina coupled to the damage output from the blocked saber. Furthermore the own lightsaber strike drains under the same rules stamina.
To give you an example:
A lightsaber character has about 1500 stamina, if he blocks a lightsaber strike with a damage output of 130, then the blocking character has only 1370 stamina left. If he strikes after the block and his damage output is 150, then he has 1220 stamina left.
If there is an imbalance between blaster and lightsaber, then you can have a multipler for one of the two.
By the way the same could be valid if you block force powers or maybe abilties, the amount of damage that is blocked, is taken from the stamina.
Each lightsaber character would then have his own general amount of stamina.
With this, all stamina granting star cards would then be not for attack or defence only anymore.
This star cards then would grant more stamina in general, for attacking and blocking, blasters, lightsaber and force powers/abilities.
Would thinks much easier to handle in my opinion.
Thanks for reading and greetings.


  • I think it would make sense if both attacker’s and blocker’s stamina was reduced in proportion to the amount of damage of the attack (whether blaster or lightsaber). However, for saber attacks you’d probably want the multiplier for the blocker to be generally smaller than for the attacker (otherwise there would be no incentive to block). Each hero could have a different base multiplier and different total stamina, which could further be modified by star cards.
  • SYchael
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    edited November 5
    I think that most heroes except for Grevious should have much more blacking stamina but he should have much more swinging stamina and force able hero’s in general should just have more stamina. However, I think they should have a stamina cooldown for jumps maybe the limit could be high but Palpatine and other heros shouldn’t spend 3x as much time in the air as on ground. It could be similar to dodges with short cool downs. And just another idea thrown out there maybe sprinting should realistically have a stamina bar even though you should be able to sprint for 20 seconds or so, the cooldown could be 5-10 for something like that.
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