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Co-op player requirements

Please change back this mode to require 2-4 instead of having to make an entire group wait for a fourth person to even start and results in extremely long wait times or no games available at all because no one wants to wait. Effectively killing off this mode and will most likely uninstall if this mode dies off.


  • That's very important
    I don't want to wait always
    And the spawn timer is way to high
  • Sol_Tarano
    1 posts Member
    edited November 8
    Makin it easier would jus get people bored of it, especially given how strong the commandos and jedi can be here. But I will say defense modes are a lot harder than assault making you work closer with teammates to succeed whereas assault where leave players wandering looking for more enemies cause not enough defend. There definitely needs to be a better balance there and the problem with the spawns on defense is they're all over rather than the routes we're used to. I just see people leave constantly while trying to actually start a match due to the requirements they set.
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