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HvV respawn scatter

Hi, me again. I *still* do not understand the point of respawning teammates on the opposite sides of the map. I just creates endless 4v1s (well, more like 35) and the game gets decided in the opening minute and the losing team is lucky if they can even land a few hits before dying. It's not even a question of just having to regroup, I was actually in a party the other night where I could talk to my teammates and we still weren't able to get near each other before the other team would overwhelm us one by one. More than half the matches I play in this mode end 20+ to 0 because once a team gets rolling there's no chance for the other team to get back together and be able to even do any damage. I'm just asking for the mode to be playable, if teammates that die within 5 seconds of each other would get spawned in the same spot then there would actually be decent games instead of one sided shooting galleries


  • This has been a problem since day one. I think the problem has a lot to do with the fact that the maps were not designed with this type of gameplay, they are literally a section of GA maps with a few exceptions. Lazily implemented. Some maps aren’t too bad and you can regroup but some like bespin or geonosis are impossible to regroup on. This game mode should have its own uniquely designed maps
  • OcDoc
    1984 posts Member
    Well... they are supposed to be spawned away from opponents but that doesn’t exactly happen every time either.

    I think some of this came from some issues with spawn trapping in the last game. I think it would be more tolerable with a squad spawn option. Even though spawning on teammates may be tricky since most of the time everyone is “in combat” it would still give a few chances to get grouped together if your team takes multiple casualties around the same time.
  • If your team mates didn't throw themselves at the enemy like lemmings it wouldn't matter so much.. Regroup!! If i die and then see two others have died, I'll run to the respawned team mates, not the enemy..


  • That's a fine idea but if people don't wait then it'll never happen. And in general the maps are so big it's challenging to run over to a teammate without the other team finding you. And then you last about 5 seconds
  • It's not just a question of regrouping, although we would definitely have better matches if teammates would stick together. I also agree that teamwork is almost always the deciding factor in a match. That said, the spawns are absurd. I can't play HvV anymore without a saber because I refuse to see Leia treated like the victim of an angry mob. I don't know how to fix the problem. I suspect there isn't a fix given what HvV has become. The ultimate cause is developer incompetence. DICE is just bad at this.
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