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November Community Calendar

Lando's smoke does what exactly????



  • The grenade can prevent Phasma's Droid from locking on to targets, but outside of that it does nothing practical. It really should partially obscure HUD elements like the Commando Droid's smoke (why does an infantry unit have a better form of the same ability than a hero?) and offer some other benefit. I like the idea of maybe slightly slowing affected enemies (maybe prevent them from sprinting) instead of doing damage and making it a clone of Dioxis.
  • An easy buff could be to completely obscure the enemy's view.

    Leave the smoke appearance the same for allies, but do not allow enemies to see anything in the smoke.

    That might be enough to get Lando out of the basement.
  • Just change Lando's smoke grenade into a white phosphorus Call of Duty killstreak (Willie Pete) grenade that slows the enemies down and annoys TF out of them for about 30 seconds

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  • Mostly it blocks your teammate's site...

    Oh, like a DDoS attack?
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