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November Community Calendar

Jet trooper need to cost 2k

This stupid op unit need to cost 2k like others.This units more op then a heroes u just taking b2 or clone jet trooper and u are at to top of the crore u can 2or 3 almost every unit except super units and heroes.


  • I don’t know what kind of games you end up with (maybe there’s a lot of noobs or incompetent players with poor matchmaking) but but they’re usually not a big problem. Two players at the least can usually handle them. And I play exclusively as the jet trooper when I can if heroes get taken/stolen. So believe me it’s doable. You might just be unlucky with your matches. I’m fine with the low cost especially when you have things like the Wookie that are pretty much outclassed by everything now
  • Man i am play with jet units and its a god mode 200 or 300 kills every game and u pay 1k and u own all team like they are kids.
  • Yes..
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