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Should I buy a console?



  • anidriX
    1228 posts Member
    Pretty much what Nomi said. Unless you have a potato and you want to transition to another platform OR you have a good PC but want a Console as well due to exclusive titles, otherwise don’t do it.

    First of all, no one game is reason enough to buy a console, especially this one.
    I don’t know what kind of games you play besides BF2 but shooters are far better on PC not to mention that hardware-wise, PC will give you a much better experience.
  • The Xbox one X is much better than anything the PS4 Pro can offer for you. The picture on my Xbox looks significantly better than anything else on the market. My download speeds are amazing. PS4s are known for having incredibly long download speeds sometimes. The Xbox also carrys Xbox Game pass and free games with gold where every month they offer high quality games and if you decide to download any of the games from Xbox Gold. It becomes yours even if you stop paying for Gold. The xbox also has much better exclusive titles. A great example of this is the Halo franchise. Also the Xbox allows for great controller customization when you go to buy one online. Also the PS4 has a very tough to figure out UI. The Xboxs UI is very simple and easy to understand

    Overall I have been very happy with my Xbox and I would recommened it for anyone. (PS I used to own a PS4 and I can say for certain that the PS4 is a downgrade)

    Wall of nonsense. The ps4 is an upgrade over the xbox & cant touch games like uncharted. You really had the audacity to say xbox has better exclusives? They don't like at all. Uncharted series, the last of us series, horizon zero dawn, spiderman, days gone, god of war, infamous, little big planet series, ratchet & clank, & grand turismo. Whereas xbox has halo & gears of war. The only reason someone would buy an xbox is because friends have one & or they play nothing but shooters. Playstation is for all types of games

    Love how you say its a wall of nonsense then address one point. Halo is better than all the games you just listed in sales, fanbase and overall popularity. And half of those games I have never heard of so obviously not that great. Have fun with the PiSser4

    Halo really isn't. It's alright definitely been milked too much. You never heard of hald these games but say halo is better lol.

    You clearly haven't seen how Halo is making a huge comeback just like COD did recently. Halo CE to Halo Reach are some of the best games ever created with the best one either being CE or 3.

    Yeah but Reach released in 2010, halo games have since sucked halo 4? Not great, halo 5? First halo I didn't buy, played during free weekend and totally regretted wasting time to download it, gears 4 and 5 are just overdoing it, continuing a story that was closed and finished, and are bad to boost.
    Forza is great and GT is nothing in comparison. And that's it, all other exclusives have been one failure after another and nobody remembers them, sunset overdrive is an underrated gem though. I own an Xbox one and would never buy a PlayStation, but exclusives are just nope for this generation, now that I own a true gaming PC i only use it to start BF2 or play MCC.
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