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Geonosis Arena MUST come for HvV.

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The perfect HvV map and the most iconic one ever.

DICE plz
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  • Not making this in the first place was extremely shortsighted from the dev team TBF. A small mode of just a team fighting another fits perfectly with a map such as the geonosian arena.

    They should definetly change the current one to this. The current one is the worst map for HvV by far, it's not suited to the mode whatsoever
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  • It'd need to be after the battle, else it'll be too open. Have collapsed doorways and pillars, as well as some larger debris. But it'd be a really cool map.
  • Yes it would be awesome
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    Please dice add Geonosis arena!!!
  • Tripa Hive was a rushed "cut + paste" map from Galactic Assault into HvV. Lazy work

    The Arena should have been the official map.
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  • I don't why DICE didn't do this. This was what everyone thought when they announced Geonosis
  • OcDoc
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    Such a great idea!
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