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November Community Calendar
Triple XP Event

Battlefront 2 - The First Order Clan

Hello there...

Welcome to The First Order. Upon joining you will see that the clan is small right now (for now) but I would like to build a clan that is fun for players. This won't be a heavily serious clan, you won't have to attend every session but at least once a month/week depending on when you have time. If you cannot attend, please message me explaining why [I ain't gonna kick you if your visiting your family] Fight for The First Order!

1) Respect everyone. Not everyone is going to be best friends, however we just ask that you treat everyone with respect and be nice to others within the server. We're all here to have a good time, so let's make it happen.

2) Slurs are not allowed. No insulting or degrading language against others. If you are unsure what these are, look them up online or contact a moderator through PM.

3) Please do not spam.

4) Disagreeing with the hosts/moderators is fine. If you think something is unfair/needs changing, please let us know, but make sure to keep it civil.

5) If you have ideas on things we can improve, share them with the group in! This is a community-ran initiative, we're always eager to hear your thoughts and feedback to make sure the server is always improving. You can do so in #suggestions.

6) As much as we respect multicultural nature, we expect everyone here to communicate in English, since it's the only language we all have in common. [More rules may be added in future]
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